How to Purchase the Right Laboratory Refrigerator

Fridge and shelves in a professional kitchen

Laboratory refrigerators are used for the preservation of the specimen and cooling of the sample. Pharmaceutics supplies that need to be cooled, blood plasma, and vaccines are some of the things that are stored in the laboratory refrigerators. The laboratory refrigerator are different from the typical ones that are used in homes and the restaurants. These one needs to have consistent temperatures to prevent bacteria contamination and exploration of the volatiles materials. Learn more about the laboratory refrigerators on this site.

The laboratory refrigerator have a fan that rotates to ensure that there is constant air circulation. However when the door of the equipment is opened, the fan stops to prevent cold air from moving out of the refrigerator. The most common types of the laboratory refrigerators are the lab fridge, chromatography refrigerators, blood bank, and the explosion-proof refrigerators. Most commonly they operate at a temperature of between 2 and 10-degree Celsius. Ensure that you should you choose a device that meets you temperature requirement since they vary.

The size and shape of the refrigerators vary. The size of the refrigerator will depend on the quantity of the laboratory supplies that you need to keep. The bigger the device, the more it will consume. Small laboratory referrals have very low investment capital.

The manufacturer of the lab refrigerator is another very crucial thing that you are supposed to check. You need to be very careful when you are purchasing the lab refrigerators as there are many of them on the market that are substandard. It is always recommended that you buy your refrigerator from a dealer like American Biotech Supply who is recognized. The equipment should comply with the regulations from agencies such as the US food and drug administration. The refrigerator shall have similar temperature throughout the chamber and meet the quality assurance requirement if you buy from a manufacturer who follows the standards. Click here for more details about refrigerators.

It is always wise to check the kind of display the display that the refrigerator has. The modern refrigerators are equipped with a temperature monitor and an electronic display. The electronic display are vital as they will provide you with the information on what is happening inside the lab refrigerator. Beside, it should also ensure that the device has an alarm. If there is a mechanical problem, the scientist will know quickly since the alarm is going to sound. If you are going to store sensitive sample, then the alarm may greatly save your search.

Another vital things that you need to consider is the extra options that refrigerator has. You need something that has outstanding features. Some of the refrigerators today are coming with extractable drawer will ensure that the door is not open for a long time when you are transferring the specimen. Get more details at

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